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XVideos is a free above 18 video sharing website based in Prague, Czech Republic. It is the most popular above 18 website in the world, having overtaken some above 18 websites as most popular above 18 video sharing website in 2012. It also surpassed LiveJasmin, in January 2012.
The founder of this website is Fabian Thylmann’s. And the site was launched in  December 30, 1997. Xvideos has received an estimated of 350,339,000 visitors over the last 30 days. The number of visits differs from visitors (or unique visitors). Visits includes multiple visits from the same individual (repeat visits). 

Web address         www.xvideos.com

Commercial           Yes

Type of site           Above 18 website

Registration           Optional

Available in            English

Written in               html

Owner                  Fabian Thylmann’s
Gender                 Male

IP Address           Nil

 Launched            December 30, 1997

Alexa rank           Increase 52 (Global, July 2016)

India                   25

Current status        Online

Which sites did people visit immediately before this site

  1.  google.com    
  2.  loading-delivery2.com    
  3.  facebook.com    
  4.  youtube.com
  5.  google.co.in
Audience Demographics

How similar is this site's audience to the general internet population?

in gender male views is greater than the female view
in education people in graduate school and some college is greater than people in no college and college.
in browsing location people at home  is greater than people at school and work. 

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