Top Political Blog | Review & Ratings is a political news website and one of the top political blogs in Nigeria, that encourages citizen journalists to report ongoing corruption and government malfeasance in Nigeria and Africa. 

Using photos, text, and video dynamically, the site informs and prompts concerned Nigerian and African citizens and activists globally to act, denouncing officially-sanctioned corruption, the material impoverishment of its citizenry, defilement of the environment, and the callous disregard of the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution.This top political blog is informative and will make you know facts about political matters. 

This blog makes you sit-up and shun corruption, otherwise they make you answer to the worlds users of internet, and guess what, they leave you no option.  Surely, this blog qualifies for our list of Top/Best Blogs/Bloggers in Nigeria.The founder of this top political blog is Omoloye Sowere.

Visit Website : | Top Political Blog | Review & Ratings.
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